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“I was expecting it to be interesting but it was so much more than that. I was enthralled.”
“The Bible The Big Picture needs to be available to as many people as possible.”
“From the first week I was blown away by how much this related to my life.”
“Fascinating, intriguing, it has left me realising how hungry I am to learn more.”
“The Bible The Big Picture is the best method I have seen to let God’s story transform peoples' lives.”
“A Christian rarely has the chance for such a comprehensive yet down-to-earth exposition from beginning to end.”
“Very well written and visual aid is very helpful.”
“I loved the life applications that were brought out. They helped reveal that God’s word is alive and relevant to us.”
“I believe this course answered questions I didn’t know I had.”
We have the best story to tell and we need to tell it well.
Biblical Turning Points is dedicated to seeing God’s story transform peoples' lives today.
Our hope is that you find inspiration from God to get excited about the Bible; that its message transforms your life and the lives of those you teach, lead, or live among; that ultimately, you meet with Him as you read His Word.