The Bible: The Big Picture
The Bible: The Big Picture
‘The Bible: The Big Picture’ is changing the lives of people of all ages as they discover that the Bible is the greatest story ever told.

This course has been created in partnership with Scripture Union and The Bible Society to inspire a movement in churches where people's lives are transformed by the message of the Bible.

Whether you are a pastor, a small group leader, a university mission coordinator or a parent wanting your children to have a better understanding of the Bible, ‘The Bible: The Big Picture’ is a resource of outstanding quality that will help you tell the Bible's story well.

How can 'The Bible: The Big Picture' course help you?

‘The Bible: The Big Picture’ takes participants through the Bible systematically, covering the major events/turning points in its story. The course helps this generation see what the disciples saw when Jesus spoke to them after his resurrection, reviewed the Old Testament scriptures with them and proclaimed, “These things were written about me.” 

Each chapter of the course book lists suggested background reading from the Bible, and contains further verses, explanatory notes, tables and diagrams.

'The Bible: The Big Picture' is now also available on DVD, and can be used in conjunction with the course book in either a small group or congregational setting.

Course Structure

The course is currently structured to run over 8 weeks with 2 sessions per night, however there is flexibility within the course to offer it over a longer or shorter time frame.

The Course Book takes participants through the main 'turning points' in the Bible, looking at the story behind each event and how they combine to tell the one story of God's mighty work of salvation. Each chapter contains extensive notes, Bible references and relevant charts to enable participants to easily grasp the content.

At each course, attendees are encouraged to take extra notes and highlight helpful passages. Each session concludes with a time for questions.

Topics Covered

Session 01
Session 02
A New Perspective
In The Beginning
The Bible: The Big Picture
Session 03
Session 04
Rebellion In The Ranks
A Nation Is Born
The Fall
Abraham & The Patriarchs
Session 05
Session 06
Redeemed From Slavery
Laying Down The Law
Moses, The Passover & Exodus
God’s Covenant With Israel
Session 07
Session 08
The God Who Dwells Among Us
The Promised Land
Tabernacle & Sacrificial System
Joshua & Judges
Session 09
Session 10
A Binding Resolution
Great Expectations
Kingship & David
The Dawning Of Israel’s Messiah
Session 11
Session 12
The King Has Come
The Great Unveiling
The Life Of Jesus Christ
The Death & Resurrection Of Jesus Christ
Session 13
Session 14
Empowered To Serve
An International Movement
Ascension of Jesus & Outpouring Of The Spirit
The Spreading Church
Session 15
Session 16
Return Of The King
Back Where We Belong
Jesus’ Second Coming
The New Creation

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