About Us

Biblical Turning Points is an Australian-based ministry which is committed to helpling people understand the message of the Bible. The concept for Biblical Turning Points began in 2001 during a Christian summer camp with a group of teenagers who wanted to know what the Bible was all about.

Over the years Biblical Turning Points has run many courses in Churches and resourced teachers in Christian Schools around Australia.

Our hope is that you and those you minister to find inspiration from God to get excited about the Bible; that its message transforms your life and the lives of those you teach, lead, or live among.

Ultimately, our hope is that people will meet with God as they read his Word. 

Andrew Bawden
Andrew Bawden is the Head of Secondary at Waverley Christian College's Wantirna South Campus in Melbourne.

He completed his Bachelor of Theology at the Presbyterian Theological College (Melbourne) in 2003, before undertaking his Graduate Diploma of Education in 2004.

After completing his Bachelor of Theology he was motivated to address the growing Biblical illiteracy in our culture and share his passion for the Bible’s message. ‘The Bible: The Big Picture’ began as an idea on a youth camp and is now run in churches and schools around the country.
Our Vision

We are dedicated to seeing God’s story transform peoples' lives today.

We are passionate about empowering people to read the Bible and committed to addressing Biblical illiteracy by running courses that blow the Bible wide open.

We believe the Bible contains the true and life-changing story of what God has done in history to redeem this world and we are motivated to see this message told well.

Testimonials & Feedback
Andrew Bawden is a gifted teacher who has a passion to help people, young and older, to understand the Bible, to encounter Jesus and to explore what it means to know Him. His ability to communicate verbally, his use of outstanding visual aids and the comprehensive notes he prepares have been greatly appreciated by the many that attend and participate in the courses he leads. In these courses there is also ample opportunity to explore what is being communicated and to interact with Andrew. His resources are a valuable contribution to our community and there is great potential for a wider use for them.

Rev. Dr. Bill Brown
Senior Pastor, Syndal Baptist Church

It was a phenomenal privilege to host ‘The Bible: The Big Picture’ course at NewHope in early 2012. The course content and its dynamic presenter Andrew Bawden were received with enthusiasm by the 400+ people who attended. It awakened fresh passion to the scriptures, empowered bible study with a big-picture understanding and proved to be a catalyst for our spiritual and numerical growth as a church.

We judge the event to have been a great success. The feedback was consistently positive. A fresh and continuing passion for bible study was awakened. The numbers attending were more than twice what we originally planned for.

Rev. Dr. Allan Demond
Senior Pastor New Hope Baptist Church

Comments From Feedback Forms
  • Fascinating, intriguing. It has left me realising how hungry I am to learn more about how God satisfies the soul.
  • I loved the super-sized visuals at the front.
  • I was expecting it to be interesting but it was so much more than that. I was enthralled.
  • It just made so much sense of the Bible from beginning to end and completed a little more of the puzzle.
  • Impeccable, basic, but incredibly useful.
  • Dense, Rich, Satisfying
  • Very well written and visual aid is very helpful
  • I loved the life applications that were brought out. They helped to reveal that God’s word is alive and relevant to us today.
  • I believe this course answered questions I didn’t know I had.
  • All round great course. I would recommend it 100% to anyone thinking about doing this or a similar course.
  • From the first week I was blown away how much this related to my life.
  • This has been a wonderful course and I have looked forward to it each week.
  • I have been inspired to read these books whereas before I’d given up because of a lack of understanding of the circumstances surrounding them.
  • The Old Testament came alive and I also had a greater understanding of the Kings & Prophets period. Not a dry book anymore! I have grown up in the church and heard many of the stories but have never seen the link between them.